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Jal, NM Sunset

photo2.JPG (246489 bytes)
July 4th Celebration

photo3.JPG (199629 bytes)
Woolworth Library

photo4.JPG (215352 bytes)
Erecting "The Trail Ahead"

photo5.JPG (144553 bytes)
Picture of the Original Jal Cowboys

photo6.JPG (162547 bytes)
Old Photo Main Street

photo7.JPG (154515 bytes)
The Old Jal Ranch

photo8.JPG (157973 bytes)
Present day cattle drive Madera Pitchfork Ranch

ja1.jpg (50454 bytes)
Donnie Gleaves & 
Wild Hair provided entertainment all day!
ja2.jpg (51012 bytes)
Enjoying a great day of FOOD & FUN
ja3.jpg (43034 bytes)
The KIDS had a wonderful time!

ja4.jpg (61774 bytes)
Rusty & Toni
Weenie Bite

ja6.jpg (59957 bytes)
Sweet Potato Queens

ja8.jpg (45444 bytes)
Roy & Amelia
Roadkill Chili
ja9.jpg (52975 bytes)
Eugene & Rusty
Weenie Bite
ja10.jpg (45746 bytes)
Radio Station
KWMW 105

ja11.jpg (33751 bytes)
Mike - Gasser's Quick Step Chili

ja12.jpg (44984 bytes)
Pink Panthers
Dance Team
ja13.jpg (41002 bytes)
Eddie, Cecil, Jim & Steve
ja14.jpg (43792 bytes)
ja15.jpg (38963 bytes)
Joey & Georgia
ja16.jpg (53439 bytes)
Kathy, Carol, Mike, Stan, & Rayla

ja17.jpg (50158 bytes)
Fonzy, Danica, Daniel -
Winners Rib Cookoff

ja18.jpg (42101 bytes)
Trish, Barbara & Dana -
Winners Chili Cookoff
ja19.jpg (47014 bytes)
Tug of War
ja20.jpg (42308 bytes)
Kiddie Train

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Jal, New Mexico!
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